Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Watch Out For Winterkill!

What REALLY happens to your lawn in winter?

Your grass may look dead, but in fact it’s quite alive. When winter arrives, the grass usually goes dormant. But, don’t worry, once temperatures begin to warm up, the grass will “wake up.”
It’s not too early to start thinking about turf rejuvenation

While your turf will naturally “wake up” after dormancy, it can suffer from winter injury. To ensure that your turf is healthy this spring, take these steps and begin thinking about spring rejuvenation.
1. Stay off the lawn if it’s frozen. Turf is more sensitive to being crushed when frozen, so do your best to stay off the grass this winter!

2. Start thinking about adding a probiotic to strengthen turf and soil health in the early spring. At Vivid Lawn we use Holganix, which allows us to jump-start the biology in the soil after a harsh winter, helping the lawn recover from winterkill.
Ensure your turf is ready for the spring and sign up for your spring lawn treatment!

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Vivid Lawn is a Purple Cow!

Vivid Lawn is a Purple Cow! What makes us unique?
Purple cows are one-of-a-kind, and so is Vivid Lawn. What makes Vivid Lawn unique? 

1. It’s organic; don't panic!
We use a 100% organic plant and soil ProBiotic that allows us to reduce our fertilizers and pesticides by up to 75% in order to maintain the perfect property. That means, we are able to provide a sustainable solution to lawn and plant care that’s better for our environment, properties and families. 

2. Caring for OUR native plants and soils
We are a local business to the Glen Mills area and specialize in caring for lawns, plants and soil in our region. There are over 70,000 types of soil and over 20 types of grass in America. Each lawn-type and soil-type requires unique care specific to the region.
Unlike national competitors that treat each region of America the same, we take pride in providing solutions that are specific to our local lawn, plants and soils.

3. Experienced turf and plant professionals
The Vivid Lawn Team represents over 25 years of experience. When it comes to selecting a company to care for your grass and plants, trust that Vivid Lawn has the experience and knowledge to nurture your property.