Thursday, July 28, 2016

Does Your Lawn Need Aeration?

Is your lawn looking a little sad? Aeration is one of the best things you can do to care for your lawn. 

Aeration is the process of removing small plugs of soil from the lawn, allowing air, water and fertilizer to better nurture your lawn.

What are the top benefits to aerating in the summer?
1. Loosens hard, compacted soils
2. Improves air exchange in the soil
3. Improves water absorption
4. Stimulates a deeper root system
5. Reduces thatch
6. Accelerates soil microbe activity
Some lawns need aeration more than most!
While all lawns benefit from aeration, certain lawns need it more than others. If your lawn contains clay-based soils, you are probably in need of aeration. Clay-like soils get compacted easily and that leads to additional lawn care problems.
If your lawn suffers from heavy traffic (think weekend soccer matches with the neighbors), you also run the risk of compact soil.
Additional signs to be on the look out are: lawns that brown easily in the summer, lawns with ½ inch of thatch and water run off from rain or irrigation.
Get on the schedule before it’s too late! Call Vivid Lawn to sign up for aeration today!

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Your Plants Need Probiotics!

With Mother Nature kicking summer into high gear, team Vivid Lawn is getting ready to visit lawns for the summer rounds and we are armed with 100% organic plant probiotic, Holganix.
Why are we applying a plant probiotic in the summer?
Plant probiotics nurture your lawn during the summer months to keep it greener longer and revive the lawn in the early fall if it goes dormant (AKA brown and crispy).
In fact, plant probiotics can help in three key ways:
1. Growing a strong, healthy root system – Plant probiotics help develop a strong, healthy root system that dig deep within the soil to look for moisture.
2. Keeps the moisture in the soil – Plant probiotics like Holganix contain natural wetting agents that keep moisture within the soil longer, letting plants drink up before the sun sucks the soil dry.
3. Healthy turf comes out of dormancy strong – Plant probiotics proactively nurture your grass. Strong, resilient turf will come out of dormancy healthier and at times faster than turf treated with only chemical fertilizers.
How can you help protect your lawn this summer?
With the summer heat upon us, we need your help to protect your lawn this summer. Be sure to incorporate summer management practices like keeping your grass longer and watering consistently to maintain turf health. To learn more about summer lawn care management, visit our blog:

Friday, July 15, 2016

Lawn and Landscape Trends in 2016

Looking back at this past spring, we’ve noticed quite a few exciting trends that are becoming popular in today’s lawns and landscapes. Here are three of our favorite trends that you should pay attention to!
Native Plants
Homes in our neck of the woods are starting to incorporate more native plants in their garden beds. Not only are native plants more likely to thrive in garden beds, but they also allow gardeners to cut back on the need for water and chemicals like fertilizers and pesticides. By planting native plants, you also attract more honey bees, butterflies and birds to your garden.
Agriscaping is the practice of incorporating edible plants like herbs, vegetables and fruits into gardens. Not only can edible plants be just as beautiful as flowers, but it also provides food for your table!
If you don’t have a green thumb, but want to get involved in agriscaping, consider starting with some hardy tomatoes and herbs like mint, thyme and rosemary.
Going Green! 
Sustainability has become extremely important to our local communities. That is one of the reasons why Vivid Lawn is dedicated to using organic products like Holganix in their lawn fertilization programs. Holganix allows Vivid Lawn to reduce their use of fertilizer and pesticides by 50% while still maintaining the best quality results in the area.
You can learn more about Vivid Lawn’s programs by clicking the image below: