Thursday, August 18, 2016

Do Roots Matter?

When we spend all day looking out at our lush, green lawn, it is difficult to consider what happens beneath the surface. But, the most important key to a healthy lawn is to nurture healthy roots.

After all, by nurturing healthy roots, your lawn requires:

1. Less irrigation
Healthy roots are able to dig deep into the soil to find moisture. That can make a big difference when it’s hot outside!

2. Less Chemical Fertilizers
Healthy roots are able to dig into the soil to find plant food. Plant food includes key nutrients like nitrogen and phosphorus.

3. Less Pesticides
Healthy roots means a stronger plant that is more resistant to pests.

4. Better recovery from stress caused by all of those home soccer matches, drought and winter
Healthy roots means a better plant immune system. Just like human health, when humans have a healthy immune system that can better withstand stress and recover after stress hits.
How can you nurture healthy roots?

1. DIY by using plant probiotics or developing your own compost tea. Set up a compost bin for leaf matter and vegetation left overs. Check out this site to learn how to create your own compost tea.

2. Ensure that your lawn care provider uses plant probiotics! Because Vivid Lawn uses 100% organic plant probiotics like Holganix, Vivid Lawn is nurturing a healthy root system that can mean big pay offs with your lawn.

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