Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Spring Rejuvenation

Your lawn needs a little REJUVINATION!

Is your lawn looking a little crispy and dormant?
Mother Nature truly has done her worst this winter and lawns are suffering. What can you do to rejuvenate your lawn come spring? Whether you do-it-yourself or sign up for a rejuvenation program with your local lawn care company, there are three key things you can do to nurture your lawn back to health.

1. Spring Clean up

After being neglected all winter, conduct a spring clean up. Assess your landscape for problem areas and remove sticks and debris that may be compacting the grass.

2. Taking care of weeds

Be sure to sign up for or apply a pre-emergent this early spring to ensure weeds don’t strike when the sun heats up. Taking care of weeds now will make caring for your landscape this season easier.

3. Probiotics

By adding a soil probiotic like Holganix you are enhancing the soil ecosystem and making your fertilizers and herbicides work more effectively. Probiotics will condition the soil with new biology, contribute to lawn root health, protect your turf from disease and make your fertilizers and pesticides work more efficiently at lesser rates.

Sounds like a lot of work? No worries, even the most fearless of DIY homeowners struggle to correctly apply probiotics and pre-emergent herbicide. Check out our rejuvenation program for more information. 

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