Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Dormant Aeration

Didn’t have the time or opportunity to commit to aeration and overseeding this fall?

Aeration is the process of removing plugs of soil from the ground, building healthy soil and stimulating the lawn’s root growth. It’s one of the best practices you can do for your lawn, especially if it suffers from compaction issues. When you add overseeding to the mix, you are not only nurturing the lawn you currently have, but are also contributing to turf thickness and removing bare-spots.

Even if you weren’t able to take advantage of fall aeration and overseeding, you can still get a big benefit out of dormant aeration.

Dormant aeration is the practice of aerating your grass during the early-winter when the grass is no longer growing. Just like with fall aeration, dormant aeration influences soil and turf health, and is crucial for heavily compacted backyards. However, dormant aeration can be the perfect service for those backyards that also deal with a lot of trees. When considering dormant aeration, keep in mind that results are seen in the spring.

However, if you wait until the spring to sign up for aeration and overseeding, the look of your turf will be compromised! Because aeration creates holes in the ground, it’s easier for weed seeds to germinate. Also, when overseeding you can’t utilize a pre-emergent herbicide since it will affect your lawn seed’s germination.

Don’t wait until spring to receive the benefits of aeration. Sign up for dormant aeration services to create a healthier lawn this spring.

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